The Tall Muse welcomes back the Tall Fashionista of the Week which showcases the personal style of tall fashion forward women who are 5’9 and up.

I am so excited to introduce our first Tall Fashionista of 2015!

I met this lovely tall fashionista at The Long Tall Sally popup shop here in Washington DC. I was struck by her beauty and vivacious personality – this girl is a serious tall bombshell! Not to mention that she was there with her equally as gorgeous and tall sister and mother! I mean seriously – an entire tall bombshell family 🙂

So with no further introduction- meet our Tall Fashionista of the Week – Krystle.

the tall muse

 What is your height?

I am 6 feet tall!

Tell us about yourself? 

Being raised by a fashionista, also known as my Mother, truly contributes to that fashion style that I have today. As most little girls, I grew up watching my Mother get dressed for particular events. I loved seeing her accessorize and overall transform into a new look. I still borrow clothes and accessories from her to this day!

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Describe your fashion style?

I would currently describe my style as urban chic because I love to pair urban pieces such as leather jackets with chic workplace clothing such as a knee-length pencil dresses. This style pairs well with me because at work, I dress chic and on the weekends I can let loose and have fun with urban pieces. I am also obsessed with accessorizing. My latest obsession includes statement necklaces and earrings since I recently did the big chop! I feel like its the perfect way to shape my face. I also find statement necklaces to be a simple way to transform an outfit from blah to VA-VOOM!

The Tall Muse

What are your favorite places to shop?

I am actually in love with Target! I always find quality clothing for reasonable prices. I am a TJ Maxx and Marshalls fashionista as well. I oftentimes purchase jeans or maxi dress from Alloy because they offer clothing in extended sizes. Long Tall Sally is a great location for quality clothing as well; I find their clothing to be current and complimentary for tall women of all sizes.

Tall Fashionista Tuesdays

What fashion or beauty tips can you provide to other tall women?

I actually tend to shop in the Maternity section at Target quite often. This works because the dress lengths and sleeve lengths are proportional to tall women. When I do this, I purchase a size or two smaller which makes me feel like my exercise has been paying off- double win!

I also purchase regular jeans but wear them cropped and when jacket sleeves do not fit, I roll them up like that of Dorothy from the Golden Girls. I call this the Dorothy trick. Besides, it makes me look somewhat cool!

What advice would you give to tall girls, teens and women out there?

I would like to advise every tall female to embrace who they are! Growing up, I hated being tall and lacked confidence. I wore ugly kitten heels and flats that were far from flattering because I did not want to be taller. Then one day I shifted my thinking and realized that I needed to cut the crap and grow up; literally and figuratively. I started wearing heels and like that of my height, my confidence truly grew. Now, I wear heels whenever I possibly can without remorse. Own being tall because you are worth it!

The Tall Muse

Love it!. #StandTall

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