The Tall Muse welcomes back the Tall Fashionista of the Week which showcases the personal style of tall fashion forward women who are 5’9 and up.

Our Tall Fashionista of the Week is Shonchelle of If The Shoe Fits You Footwear Productions.

Shonchelle currently has her own shoe line – Shonchelle Shereé.

 What is your height?


Tall Fashionista of the Week If The Shoe Fits You

Tell us about yourself? 

I’m a transplant from Houston, Texas. I moved to New York because I followed my heart. Not a guy, God no. But, I came here for shoes. I design shoes for women with extended-size feet. It has always been a challenge of mine to find shoes in my size, 11. I finally became fed up and decided to make my own shoes. After interviewing women for years about what they wanted, I realized women with extended-size feet just want to feel empowered too. We want a shoe closet filled with glamorous shoes.

 If The Shoe Fits You

Describe your fashion style?

My style comes in layers. I would have to say the root of all my style is business casual. Then, I merchandise with vintage clothing. So, my style is business bohemian chic.

Tall Fashionista of the Week If The Shoe Fits You 3

What are your favorite places to shop?

Shirley + Alice Vintage Boutique, Free People, American Apparel

If The Shoe Fits You 2

What fashion or beauty tips can you provide to other tall women?

 As far as fashion is concerned it’s perfectly o.k. to flood your pants as long as you have amazing footwear. A beauty tip for tall women would be to show off your neck. It’s erotic and can easily be enhanced with a collarbone necklace. Also, drink plenty of water. You will look refreshed and flawless.

Tall Fashionista of the Week If The Shoe Fits You 2

What advice would you give to tall girls, teens and women out there?

 It was a challenge growing up tall. I was 5’9 in the ninth grade with size 11 feet. I would advise young girls to compliment yourself and others as much as possible. If you recognize your beauty and love yourself, then you will be able to appreciate and love what makes others different and in turn give a kind of universal love. This love is not judgmental. This love is not demeaning or condescending. It is one. Real self-love, which encourages healthy self-esteem is what demolishes low self-esteem. So, give lot and lots of compliments to yourself and the one around you.

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Love it!. #StandTall

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