The Tall Muse welcomes back the Tall Fashionista of the Week which showcases the personal style of tall fashion forward women who are 5’9 and up.

Our Tall Fashionista of the Week is the simply stunning – Nica – from Las Vegas, NV!

What is your height?

I’m 5’10 1/2 without heels; yes I have to be very specific people think I’m taller because I’m normally rocking heels.


Tell us about yourself? 

I’m 23 years old from Las Vegas,NV. I’ve been modeling for 7 years; Im also a licensed cosmetologist where I’ve worked on video and fashion show sets doing hair and make up. My passion for fashion quickly emerged from doing the hair to doing the fashion styling for events.


I’ve always wanted to open up my own clothing boutique since as long as I could remember and this year I launched my first website. It showcases my styling skills and every outfit I post is available for purchase at a reasonable prices.Being a stylist has connected me to designers in the industry where I was able to see exactly what type of clothing I wanted to sell to my customers. I’ve always loved water but also loved going out and dressing up, so Bikinis and Dresses are my forte . My style is a mix between City Chic and Eccentric Bohemian, I either where all black or bright vibrant colors.


What are your favorite places to shop?

I love shopping at unique boutiques or flea markets, I love one of a kind pieces. I love going to the LA fashion District for unique finds. Buffalo Exchange is also a great store for unique pieces.

What fashion or beauty tips can you provide to other tall women?

The number one tip I can provide other Tall Women is advice my Mom has always told me… “Stand Up Straight!”

Growing up tall I had a tendency to slouch when I was hanging out with my shorter friends. I hated it when my mom would point it out in front of people, I didn’t see a issue. Looking back now I’m grateful she was always on me about standing up straight it shows confidence and looks attractive to be tall and proud. Also for fashion advice, Don’t Settle with what your department store has to offer search online for places that carry longer inseams high waters don’t look attractive on anyone especially tall women. Search for the perfect fit ,you will find it!


What life advice would you give to tall girls, teens and women out there?

Tall Women everywhere girls, teens, and women. Don’t let others tell you anything about your height. You’re too Tall for this or that. People who say negative comments on your height are insecure themselves. Everything will flow naturally finding the right clothing, finding a love interest who doesn’t comment on your height just sees how beautiful you are. Everything you want you can achieve once you own your height and love yourself. You where meant to stand out so be great and Stand up straight!


To see more Nica follow her on Instagram @fashionnica and visit her website


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