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TTYA X LTS Origami Flower Shorts Outfit

I visited the Long Tall Sally DC popup shop this Sunday and instantly fell in love with the TTYA X LTS Origami Flower Shorts. The shorts drape beautifully and flatter my long legs.

origami shorts

Here’s how I would rock the TTYA X LTS Origami Flower Shorts

Topshop Off-The-Shoulder Bardot Blouse

Aldo Marilyn Heels (Up to size 11)


La Mer Collections ‘Saturn’ Leather Wrap Watch

 NAKAMOL Marja Necklace

TTYA X LTS Origami Flower Shorts Outfit 2
Topshop TALL Strappy Back Body

 Sam Edelman ‘Yardley’ Lace-Up Sandal (Up to Size 11)

Red Flower Statement Necklace

Boohoo Orange Fedora

How would you rock the TTYA X LTS Origami Flower Shorts?

Tall Fashion Find: THE HEIGHT – Urban Chic for Long Legs

A few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to model for a new clothing store for us tall women and tall girls – THE HEIGHT !


THE HEIGHT was the brainchild of Kia, a 5’10” stunner and former basketball player, who created THE HEIGHT out of a love for fashion and the need to bring a chic, contemporary, classic, urban and trendy clothing store to tall women.


Tall women are so accustomed to paying more than they should for clothing. We have made a pledge to tall women that the price of our garments will go hand in hand with the design, fabric and construction quality. Some pieces will be priced lower and some higher but we will always price our garments fairly.  – THE HEIGHT


I am so excited to have a tall brand that is designing fashionable clothing at more than reasonable prices! Seriously, stylish jumpsuits and maxi dresses for tall women under $50?!?!? Tall Girl Heaven !!!

The price points for clothing at THE HEIGHT is currently $28 – $48 which is an absolute steal. In speaking with Kia, I know that The HEIGHT has a pulse on trends and will be catering to the most fashionable tall chick.


I modeled the THE HEIGHT Black Laci Maxi Dress which swept the floor as I walked in 4 inch heels!! My 6 foot self was ecstatic! The Dress can be dressed up with a statement necklace as I did in the first shot, or worn plain for a more causal urban look.

Head over to THE HEIGHT to see more tall fashion.



Tall Fashion Find: Dellez Fashion for Tall Women

A few days ago I had a wonderful opportunity to review the Dellez Strapless Flare Dress. I had the opportunity to interview Adelle, the owner of Dellez, and she gave some wonderful insight into the brand.

Dellez is an online store that offers quality clothing that is perfectly proportioned for a woman 5′ 10″ and taller as well as quality shoes ranging from sizes 10-13. At Dellez, we understand the frustration of a woman taller than average that has been blessed with that supermodel height and we hope to ease these frustrations by providing clothing that not just fit, but one that is fashionable, eye catching, head turning and absolutely stunning to compliment your sexy physique!


What is the origin of Dellez
I started this business because of my frustrations and frustrations expressed by my Tall friends over the years. I am 5’ 10” and I wear size 11 shoes. So that is like a double whammy! And being an island girl, living In Trinidad and Tobago to be exact was extremely difficult because there were few people that was above 5’ 9” tall. So with that said, I had to purchase clothing and shoes online and was still unhappy because they were not fashionable pieces.

Dellez-Fashion-for-Tall-Women-DressFashion has always peaked my interest and so I’ve always like to wear clothing that are on trend but the ones that can be worn throughout the year. This intense frustration over the years quickly grew into a passion, motivation and determination to start a business catering to Tall women. But off course this only became a reality after I decided to let go of “Doubting Thomas”, “Debbie Downer” and oh lets not forget “Negative Nancy” and allow God to take control.

Today I am able to provide clothing with high quality fabrics and styles as well as big size shoes ranging from size 10 – 13 that are geared towards a woman with a chic and sophisticated sense of style.



How are your clothes tall girl friendly?
Our clothing are not just made longer but correctly proportioned to capture the beautiful frame of a Tall woman. Often times we think of tall clothing as it having to be very long and while that may be true for certain types of styles, some of us Tall women like a little short dress too! As such you would also find some short dresses such as the polka dot dress for those women that like to show their sexy legs a bit.


What can we look forward to seeing from the brand in the future?
Our hope in the near future is to continue to expand the line and provide clothing that are fashionable. As a matter of fact, in the upcoming months, we will be launching a pants line focusing on various colours and pattern fabrics for a dress up or dress down look. We also hope to launch more fashionable big size shoes that would blow your mind!! So stay tuned and subscribe for updates.


Dellez-Fashion-for-Tall-Women-Tall-Dresses (1)




 To see more of the brand visit, on Instagram at @dellezfashion or on Facebook

Dellez Fashion Yellow Strapless Flare Dress

I had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing a dress by a newcomer to the Tall fashion market – Dellez.

Dellez is an online store that offers quality clothing that is perfectly proportioned for ladies 5’10” and taller as well as quality shoes ranging from sizes 10 through size 13.

The dress I received is called the Dellez Strapless Flare Dress. This dress is made of a vibrant yellow waffle textured fabric and features a sweetheart neckline, empire waist and flared A-line skirt.


The shape of this dress flatters any body type form apple shape to pear or hourglass. The color is a brilliant yellow hue and is ideal for spring and summer. The waffle textured fabric is sturdy to allow for a structured finish of the skirt. the dress is completely lined and I was extremely impressed with the quality and craftsmanship.

Closeup of Fabric of Dellez Strapless Flare Dress

The Dellez dress hit my 6 foot tall frame just above the knee and was perfect for my height! I believe it should be ideal for all heights, hitting those women 6 feet and under at or slightly below the knee and women 6’2 and up above the knee but below mid thigh.

I paired the dress with a blue Zara High High heel Strappy Slingback Sandals



The-Tall-Muse-Tall-Fashion-Blogger-Dellez-Fashion-For-Tall-Women-Tall-Blogger-Tall-Clothing-Shoes The-Tall-Muse-Tall-Fashion-Blogger-Dellez-Fashion-For-Tall-Women-Tall-Blogger-Tall-Chicks The-Tall-Muse-Tall-Fashion-Blogger-Dellez-Fashion-For-Tall-Women-Tall-Blogger-Summer-Dress tall-blogger-the-tall-muse


The-Tall-Muse-Tall-Fashion-Blogger-Dellez-Fashion-For-Tall-Women-Tall-Blogger-Dress-for-Tall-Women The-Tall-Muse-Tall-Fashion-Blogger-Dellez-Fashion-For-Tall-Women-Tall-Blogger-Dellez-Clothing-For-Tall-Women The-Tall-Muse-Tall-Fashion-Blogger-Dellez-Fashion-For-Tall-Women-Tall-Blogger-Deellez-Big-Size-Shoes



Tall Women’s Clothing Line: Beyond B BTall

Beyond B is a BODACIOUS Brand that provides tall women with tailored fitting clothing and promotes confidence to women that aren’t average or average sized. In a world full of average size clothes Beyond B provides women 5’8 and taller with fashionable clothing to fit and embrace their bodacious body frame and their bodacious attitude to match.

Beyond B Tall Clothing for Women

The designer of Beyond B, Briana Jones, was a professional model, designer and fashion show coordinator. She had been modeling in the fashion industry for over 7 years on stage and behind the stage before she began designing. Briana is a bold visionary and creator of all things fashion. She started making bowties when she could not find any feminine style bowties, then she added blazers and today she has a full collection. As Briana began designing all of her clothes to fit her that it was noticed that they did not measure out to the average sizes and lengths.


You can easily find tall pants or jeans but not many full collections dedicated to tall women. The problem I always ran into is the regular blazers in the store would not be long enough for my arms, pants were a struggle to find and skirts/dress could easily begin to look lewd because of her long legs. So naturally I wanted my clothes to fit me. – Briana Jones


There isn’t a lot of clothing options for tall women. Sometimes you can find tall pants or jeans but not full collections dedicated to tall women. The problem I always ran into is the regular blazers in the store would not be long enough for my arms, pants were a struggle to find and skirts/dress could easily begin to look slutty because of my long legs. So naturally I wanted her clothes to fit me so now I’m here to solve the problem not just for myself but every tall girl with the same problem.  – Briana Jones


BTALL clothing is extended in all the right places – pants inseams, longer sleeves, longer body shirts, blazer and dresses, just to name a few. BTall isn’t tall girl friendly, we are 100% for tall girls! In the future expect more of a variety of fashionable clothing for tall woman. – Briana Jones

Beyond B’s BTALL collection offers a curated mix of clothing that is timeless chic, trendy and tailored clothing that solves the problems tall women face when shopping in average stores.

Unlike competitors BTALL offers style choices that are on trend yet are tailored to fit tall women. Our mission is to provide figure flattering, stylish, tailored pieces to create timeless looks that promote self esteem and support the tall community.
Beyond B Beauties are Bold, Confident, Smart, Fearless, Unforgettable and Sassy. In a world full of average we don’t mind standing out.

Who wants to be average? Dare to stand out…BTall, Bbrave & Bodacious!

You can shop the tall women’s fashion line here at

Beyond-B-BTALL-Tall-Women-Clothing-Line Beyond-B-Tall-Clothing-For-Women-Tall-Fashion

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