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First Thoughts on Lifetime TV’s: The Tallest Virgin in the World

Today I finally got to watch the first episode of fellow tall blogger’s – Tall Swag – Lifetime TV reality series – The Tallest Virgin in the World!


The pilot started with 6’6″ Alicia Jay aka Tall Swag heading to my lovely city Washington, DC to visit Helen Pappas at Talltique – a boutique exclusively for tall women (see me review of Talltique). There Alicia meets and befriends 6’4″ boutique owner, Helen, and her 6’6″ bestfriend Sydney and reveals to them that she is 33 and a virgin, much to their surprise. The girls then embark on a quest to find Alicia a hot date in the city.

As a 6 foot woman you can call me biased but I loved the show! It was awesome to see gorgeous tall women out there representing us in a real light. Normally when you hear of tall women people think of glamorous supermodels strutting Victoria’s Secret catwalks – PSHHHHH –  I wish that was my reality! The truth is, most models are 5’7″-5’9″ and most of us tall women have to deal with the trials and tribulations of finding clothing that fits, dating and just adjusting to a world where women above 5’10” are some kind of weird anomaly.

The Tallest Virgin in the World covers all of those things, with funny but relatable scenes such as Alicia not being able to sit comfortably on her flight (airplane manufacturers please suck it) to her squeezing into the ridiculously tiny economy rental car (again, who designs these stuff?!?).

The dating scene with the guy’s eyes bulging out of his head as Alicia gets up out of her chair, and he realizes that he is about a foot shorter than she, was a scenario that I think every tall girl has gone through and made me laugh and shake my head in mutual disdain of the guy at the same time.

Alicia’s character is very approachable and you can’t help but root for our protagonist in her journey in finding true love.

I loved the show and I hope to get to know more of Alicia as we see her character develop in the series. I will be tuning in every week and rooting for her to find her soulmate and finally get her groove on! You should too!

Don’t forget to tune in WEDNESDAY on Lifetime at 11/10c.

Team Tall !

How to Find the Right Length Maxi Dress

The versatility of a maxi dress makes it an essential wardrobe builder. Strapless, sleeveless and short sleeve maxi dresses in light and airy fabrics can be dressed up or down with the addition of accessories and the right sandal or heels. Maxi dresses in heavier fabrics or longer sleeves can be worn in Fall and Winter with the addition of a fashionable scarf, cropped jacket, blazer or cardigan.

tall maxi dress jacket

One huge pain point for tall women is finding a maxi dress that is long enough to cover our ankles.

The good news is that retailers are beginning to offer maxi dresses in longer lengths. Even better news is that retailers are providing shoulder to hem measurements. This information is vital because it gives us ladies a true idea of whether that gorgeous maxi will truly cover our ankles and hit the floor.

It is critical to add the height of the heel or shoe you intend to wear with the dress to the shoulder to hem measurement. For instance, you will require a longer dress if you want to wear it with a 4 inch wedge than if you wear it with a flat sandal.

I have created a handy Maxi Dress Calculator to help us ladies figure out how to find the perfect length maxi dress.

Simply select your height, then select the height of the heels/shoes you intend to wear with the dress and the calculator determines the length of maxi dress (shoulder to hem) that best suits your needs.

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