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Height Goddess Maxi Dress for Tall Women

Height Goddess was one of the first brands that catered exclusively for tall women and they continue to deliver classic staples for us long limb gals. Their maxi dresses run as long as 70 inches!  I got this fuchsia Height Goddess Maxi Dress during their sale and have been hoarding it just for summer.

height goddess maxi dress for tall women

If you ever need to figure out the best maxi dress length for your height check out my Maxi Dress Length Calculator.

height goddess maxi dress for tall women height goddess maxi dress for tall women height goddess maxi dress for tall women height goddess maxi dress for tall women height goddess maxi dress for tall women

Follow Your Heart – Ankara and Fringe

I decided to dress up for The Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch hosted by Tall Society. On my way home I drove by this awesome mural near Union Market that read Follow Your Heart.

dc fashion blogger

What a fitting quote. I’ve been struggling with doing such a thing as of late and I’m finally making moves towards doing just that.

ankara skirt

I’ve had this ankara skirt by Chez Kevito for 2 years. I snagged the last of this fabric when I realized it was the same used by Stella Jean in an ankara skirt for her collection. The skirt Chez Kevito made is a dead ringer for the Stella Jeans sans the red trim.

I finally got to wear the Edward Fringe Heel I purchased a few weeks ago from Shiekh Shoes .

Size 12 Heels

An alternative to this heel is the Steve Madden Sassey

dc fashion bloggerdc fashion blogger ankara skirt

Dashiki Mini Skirt by Chez Kevito

I love all things Ankara and my go to designer for African Print clothing is Chez Kevito. Whenever I go by her store there’s a new outfit I need to buy! During my last trip to her I discovered this gorgeous Dashiki Mini Skirt in a brilliant turquoise fabric. Dashiki fabric is actually called ‘Angelina’ fabric and its roots lie in Ghana. The print has comes in several colors and has been extremely popular over the last year.

dashiki mini skirt

The skirt featured a wide waistband which flatters any waist. I loved how Chez Kevito pleated the fabric to create a skater skirt effect. It was perfect for my tropical beach setting. I paired the outfit with a beige seamless bustier by Felina.

I added maroon lace up chunky heel sandals and blue mirrored aviator sunglasses to finish the look.

dashiki mini skirtI love going to local designers like Chez Kevito because they can custom make garments to fit your frame and body type.

dashiki-mini-skirt dashiki-mini-skirtdashiki-mini-skirt dashiki-mini-skirt dashiki-mini-skirt

Chez Kevito Ankara High Waist Mini Skirt

Ok, so I am a wee bit obsessed with all things Ankara. Ankara is the catch all title given to African Prints or African Wax Prints which are fabrics made in Holland or in certain African countries that feature vibrant patterns and colors.

ankara high waisted skirt

I wore several Ankara pieces on my trip to Barbados as the bold patterns and colors just blended well with the vibrancy of the tropical island.

The Tall Muse Ankara High Waist Skirt  Chez Kevito

My local designer Chez Kevito is always there to help me with my Ankara fix and designed this stunning Ankara High Waisted Mini Skirt. The skirt is a vibrant red with yellow flower motifs and a navy trim.

I paired the skirt with a black strapless Felina Sweetheart Longline Bustier.

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Tall Fashion Find – Chez Kevito

I met the designer of Chez Kevito, Titi, a few weeks ago at the DC Marketplace in Shaw and absolutely fell in love with her body of work. Her clothing line ranged from African inspired sweatshirts to flowing Ankara skirts in bold prints.

I fell in love with this African Wax Print Maxi Skirt but as usual the skirt wasn’t tall girl approved – tall girl problems! . In speaking with the designer she was more than happy to make a tall version of the maxi skirt!

The quality of Chez Kevito is superb.

To find more of her work on her website or her Etsy page. Let her know The Tall Muse sent you 😉

tall maxi skirt

Chez Kevito Maxi Skirt 3

Chez Kevito Maxi Skirt 7

Chez Kevito Maxi Skirt

Chez Kevito Tall Maxi Skirt 5

Chez Kevito Tall Women Clothing 2


Chez Kevito