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Dellez Tall Fashion – Sweetheart Flare Midi Dress

I LOVE vibrant Colors. I a m INFATUATED with Print. Dellez Tall Fashion just married the two of my favorite things in one awesome gorgeous dress for us tall women !!!

Dellez-Fashion-Tall-Midi-DressTall Girl Heaven!!!

This Dellez Tall Fashion – Sweetheart Flare Midi Dress is simply vibrant with a stunning graphic print. The dress is well tailored with quality material and features a sweetheart neckline. The skirt flares out to create a silhouette that flatters all shapes and hits my six foot tall frame right below the knee!.

I am absolutely in LOVE. This is the perfect dress for Sunday brunch, a cocktail day party or a cute date night!

Dellez Tall Fashion again – providing quality fashion for tall women and girls. Head over to Dellez Tall Fashion to preorder the Sweetheart Flare Midi Dress.

Dellez-Tall-Fashion-Graphic-Print-Dress-The-Tall-Muse-Tall-BloggerThe-Tall-Muse-Dellez-Tall-Fashion-Graphic-Print-Dress-Multicolor-Midi-Dressdellez tall fashionThe-Tall-Muse-Dellez-Tall-Fashion-Graphic-Print-Dress-Multicolor-Dress-Fashion-for-Tall-Women Dellez-Tall-Fashion-Graphic-Print-Dress-The-Tall-Muse-Photos Courtesy of @emxsee

Dellez Fashion Yellow Strapless Flare Dress

I had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing a dress by a newcomer to the Tall fashion market – Dellez.

Dellez is an online store that offers quality clothing that is perfectly proportioned for ladies 5’10” and taller as well as quality shoes ranging from sizes 10 through size 13.

The dress I received is called the Dellez Strapless Flare Dress. This dress is made of a vibrant yellow waffle textured fabric and features a sweetheart neckline, empire waist and flared A-line skirt.


The shape of this dress flatters any body type form apple shape to pear or hourglass. The color is a brilliant yellow hue and is ideal for spring and summer. The waffle textured fabric is sturdy to allow for a structured finish of the skirt. the dress is completely lined and I was extremely impressed with the quality and craftsmanship.

Closeup of Fabric of Dellez Strapless Flare Dress

The Dellez dress hit my 6 foot tall frame just above the knee and was perfect for my height! I believe it should be ideal for all heights, hitting those women 6 feet and under at or slightly below the knee and women 6’2 and up above the knee but below mid thigh.

I paired the dress with a blue Zara High High heel Strappy Slingback Sandals



The-Tall-Muse-Tall-Fashion-Blogger-Dellez-Fashion-For-Tall-Women-Tall-Blogger-Tall-Clothing-Shoes The-Tall-Muse-Tall-Fashion-Blogger-Dellez-Fashion-For-Tall-Women-Tall-Blogger-Tall-Chicks The-Tall-Muse-Tall-Fashion-Blogger-Dellez-Fashion-For-Tall-Women-Tall-Blogger-Summer-Dress tall-blogger-the-tall-muse


The-Tall-Muse-Tall-Fashion-Blogger-Dellez-Fashion-For-Tall-Women-Tall-Blogger-Dress-for-Tall-Women The-Tall-Muse-Tall-Fashion-Blogger-Dellez-Fashion-For-Tall-Women-Tall-Blogger-Dellez-Clothing-For-Tall-Women The-Tall-Muse-Tall-Fashion-Blogger-Dellez-Fashion-For-Tall-Women-Tall-Blogger-Deellez-Big-Size-Shoes