I had the wonderful opportunity to visit a store dedicated to clothing just for us tall women – Talltique. The store is located in Bethesda, MD and is by appointment only. When I arrived owner of Talltique – Helen Pappas – was there to greet me. Helen is a gorgeous 6’5″ blonde and truly understands the needs of us tall women when it comes to fashion!


Helen provides this personal treatment to all of her customers and this truly sets Talltique apart. Helen listens to you needs and works to enhance your personal style.

I had the opportunity to try on a few of Talltique’s offerings and I was jumping for tall girl joy when all of the pieces swept the ground and covered my wrists and ankles. Seriously, if you are taller than average your must check this store out.

First up was the Tall Bomber Style Jacket, Racerback Tank and 38” White Skinny Yoga JeansFirst up HOLY COW – the white yoga jeans were AMAZING!!! These jeans felt like yoga pants and at a 38″ inseam were more than generous enough for my 6 foot height. Did I mention how comfortable these pants were!!! I can’t say enough. The bomber jacket was long in the sleeves and torso and was a rich brown color. The fabric was soft and buttery to the touch. The racerback tank was extremely stretchy and could fit a wide range of sizes.



Next up was the Brown Tribal Multi-Way Maxi Dress (By MJVO Couture). The beauty of this dress is that it can be worn numerous ways and therfore you can achieve multiple looks from one dress.Talltique-Tall-Women-Clothing-Tall-Fashion-Tall-Style-Tall-Maxi-Dress-Extra-Long-Dress

I also tried the Tall Accordion Maxi Skirt which swept the floor and was a vibrant pink. Perfect for spring and summer.???????????????????????????????

At Talltique we sell clothing for ladies over 5’10”, but we specialize in clothing for ladies over 6′ tall. It makes me smile to know that I am making a difference in the lives of tall women shoppers, and changing their way of thinking from ‘Nothing ever fits my body well or is long enough’ to ‘Wow! I can actually find long AND stylish AND flattering clothing from Talltique! – Helen Pappas

People just don’t understand that as women well over 6′ tall, not only can we not find clothes at ‘average’ retailers but even the limited amount of ‘tall’ sizes out there are still too short for us. As a woman standing 6’4″ I DO understand this, and at Talltique I cater to these tall women like myself who cannot find clothes that are long enough anywhere else. Many stores have what they call tall inseams measuring 33″-36″, and those lengths haven’t worked for me since I was 5’10” in junior high. This is why we begin with inseams at 37″ and go all the way up to 41″. It makes me proud to say that our 41″ Bootcut Jeans by Zen Vintage are an exclusive to Talltique, and are the longest jeans for women available off the rack in the U.S. Many of my customers are able to cuff our jeans, and wear them with heels, which is a really special experience for someone who usually can’t find anything long enough to be able to actually find something that’s too long. – Helen Pappas

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“What does Talltique have that other tall stores don’t? A fabulous 3-6 extra inches of length, that’s what!”

“Just because we are tall, doesn’t mean we are the same shape or size. So my Talltique Private Label items, like the Tall Bomber Jacket, Tall 38″ and 40″ Inseam Leggings, Maxi Dresses and Skirts are available in a size range to cater to everyone from the tall and lanky customer to the tall and curvy ones. We focus on the most universally flattering styles so that no matter what shape or size you are, you’ll look and feel great in our clothing!” – Helen Pappas


“As a 6’4″ shopaholic, I know what’s available out there in the world of tall women’s clothing and I know what’s missing. It’s easy for me to say to myself ‘I wish I had _________ in my closet’ and that’s a pretty good place to start knowing that if I don’t have it, chances are good that other tall women don’t either.” – Helen Pappas

Talltique-Tall-Women-Clothing-Tall-Fashion-Tall-Style-Tall-Maxi-Dress-Pink-AccessoriesTalltique-Tall-Women-Clothing-Tall-Fashion-Tall-Style-Tall-Chicks Talltique-Tall-Women-Clothing-Tall-Fashion-Tall-Style-Tall-Maxi-Dress-Tall-Bomber-Jacket-Ladies Talltique-Tall-Women-Clothing-Tall-Fashion-Tall-Style-Tall-Maxi-Dress-Tall-Moto-Jacket ???????????????????????????????

I also had the opportuniy to meet the gorgeous and totally fabulous 6’6″ Sydney.

“If it weren’t for Talltique, I literally wouldn’t have anything to wear and I don’t know what I would do! It’s so disappointing to shop from other tall stores because they don’t cater to women at the top of the tall spectrum, like me. But,Talltique certainly does.” – 6’6″ Sydney

Check out Talltique in Bethesda or online at http://www.talltique.com