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Tall Fashion Find: THE HEIGHT – Urban Chic for Long Legs

A few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to model for a new clothing store for us tall women and tall girls – THE HEIGHT !


THE HEIGHT was the brainchild of Kia, a 5’10” stunner and former basketball player, who created THE HEIGHT out of a love for fashion and the need to bring a chic, contemporary, classic, urban and trendy clothing store to tall women.


Tall women are so accustomed to paying more than they should for clothing. We have made a pledge to tall women that the price of our garments will go hand in hand with the design, fabric and construction quality. Some pieces will be priced lower and some higher but we will always price our garments fairly.  – THE HEIGHT


I am so excited to have a tall brand that is designing fashionable clothing at more than reasonable prices! Seriously, stylish jumpsuits and maxi dresses for tall women under $50?!?!? Tall Girl Heaven !!!

The price points for clothing at THE HEIGHT is currently $28 – $48 which is an absolute steal. In speaking with Kia, I know that The HEIGHT has a pulse on trends and will be catering to the most fashionable tall chick.


I modeled the THE HEIGHT Black Laci Maxi Dress which swept the floor as I walked in 4 inch heels!! My 6 foot self was ecstatic! The Dress can be dressed up with a statement necklace as I did in the first shot, or worn plain for a more causal urban look.

Head over to THE HEIGHT to see more tall fashion.



First Thoughts on Lifetime TV’s: The Tallest Virgin in the World

Today I finally got to watch the first episode of fellow tall blogger’s – Tall Swag – Lifetime TV reality series – The Tallest Virgin in the World!


The pilot started with 6’6″ Alicia Jay aka Tall Swag heading to my lovely city Washington, DC to visit Helen Pappas at Talltique – a boutique exclusively for tall women (see me review of Talltique). There Alicia meets and befriends 6’4″ boutique owner, Helen, and her 6’6″ bestfriend Sydney and reveals to them that she is 33 and a virgin, much to their surprise. The girls then embark on a quest to find Alicia a hot date in the city.

As a 6 foot woman you can call me biased but I loved the show! It was awesome to see gorgeous tall women out there representing us in a real light. Normally when you hear of tall women people think of glamorous supermodels strutting Victoria’s Secret catwalks – PSHHHHH –  I wish that was my reality! The truth is, most models are 5’7″-5’9″ and most of us tall women have to deal with the trials and tribulations of finding clothing that fits, dating and just adjusting to a world where women above 5’10” are some kind of weird anomaly.

The Tallest Virgin in the World covers all of those things, with funny but relatable scenes such as Alicia not being able to sit comfortably on her flight (airplane manufacturers please suck it) to her squeezing into the ridiculously tiny economy rental car (again, who designs these stuff?!?).

The dating scene with the guy’s eyes bulging out of his head as Alicia gets up out of her chair, and he realizes that he is about a foot shorter than she, was a scenario that I think every tall girl has gone through and made me laugh and shake my head in mutual disdain of the guy at the same time.

Alicia’s character is very approachable and you can’t help but root for our protagonist in her journey in finding true love.

I loved the show and I hope to get to know more of Alicia as we see her character develop in the series. I will be tuning in every week and rooting for her to find her soulmate and finally get her groove on! You should too!

Don’t forget to tune in WEDNESDAY on Lifetime at 11/10c.

Team Tall !

DC Tall Bloggers First Ever Tall Ladies Brunch – The Leggy Luncheon

This Saturday, myself and fellow DC tall bloggers The Junoesque and Tallook hosted DC’s first ever tall ladies brunch – The Leggy Luncheon at Cava Mezze in Washington DC.

Gorgeous tall ladies from Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia braved the weather to share in our fellow Glamazoness and it was simply fabulous! We brunched on tasty Mediterranean eats by Cava Mezze and shared stories about the joys and downright hilarious scenarios that occur as tall women.

The stunning group of ladies ranged from 5’10” to 6’6″ and had a variety of career backgrounds.

Attendees were gifted with goodie bags filled with awesome gift cards and coupons from tall women’s brands – Long Tall Sally, Smash Shoes, Shoes of Prey and Talltique

Door prizes were also provided by our very own tall bloggers The Junoesque who produced stunning digital prints in the tall woman’s favorite spirit creature – the giraffe 🙂  – and by Tallook who provided awesome custom designed light switch plates and jewelry available on her Etsy store.


Fifi from Fai’s Closet accepting her door prize custom made by The Junoesque
LaToya accepts her door prize from Custom Shoe Designer – Shoes of Prey


Long Tall Sally US

Long Tall Sally provided gift cards to all event attendees and with their new high summer collection launching today those cards will be going to use immediately!

Long Tall Sally
 is the world’s largest retailer of tall ladies fashion with over 30 years of practice they know how to make sure each garment fits beautifully on all shapes and sizes with trousers and jeans styles in a 34″-38″ leg length. Their accompanying range of footwear is also carefully designed for larger sized feet and they carry a fantastic range of fashion forward brands.

My mint biker jacket that I wore to the brunch was by Long Tall Sally and as you can see  it was not only chic but also long in length!

TTYA4LTS Spring 2015 2
Long Tall Sally TTYA Collab Spring Outfit

smash shoesSmash Shoes provided a 25% off coupon to all attendees and there are plenty of fabulous heels, boots, sandals and flats in Size 10 to Size 13 for attendees to choose from!

Smash Shoes is a reliable and respected shoe line with young, vibrant, bold and contemporary styles. They cater to the woman who does not allow her shoe size to limit her style. She doesn’t reduce herself to wearing just kitten heels and flats. In fact, she embraces shoes with high heels despite her shoe size and her height.

Smash Shoes seeks to parallel the shopping experiences of women who wear standard sizes and women who wear extended sizes. They certainly to put the excitement back in shoe shopping!

Smash Shoes colorful heels in sizes 10 – 13 – Perfect for Summer!



Talltique provided gifts and a 15% off coupon to attendees and also just launched their summer collection!

Talltique has been revolutionizing the tall ladies shopping experiences since 2012 and specializes in providing stylish and high-quality garments that are specially tailored to fit the frames of women 6’0″ and over. They carry dresses, maxi skirts, loungewear, business suits and everything in between in lengths that are longer than those even carried in tall stores making not only an ideal brand for tall girls and women but also those women 6’2″ and up who are exceptionally vertically gifted.

I wore Talltique White Yoga Jeans to the brunch and I can testify that these are the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned! With a 38″ inseam that was more than enough for my 6 foot tall frame.

Talltique Sydney Tall Maxi Skirt on 6’4″ model. Yes it sweeps the floor! #tallgirlheaven


Shoes of Prey provided a door prize for a custom made pair of shoes to a lucky attendee.

Shoes of Prey is a website where you can design your own shoes. The process is easy and fun: you choose the shape, colour and size of your shoes; we custom make them to your specifications and ship anywhere in the world in around four weeks.

The result: you’ll never wish your shoes had a lower or higher heel, came in another colour, or had more or less embellishment. You’ll never see the same pair on anyone else. And you’ll never walk home with your heels in your hands again.

The Leggy Luncheon was a hit and I truly enjoyed the company of these gorgeous ladies. I can’t wait for our next event this summer!

Stand Tall

Long Tall Sally Pop Up Shop: New York

I had the wonderful opportunity of attending the Long Tall Sally Pop Up Shop in New York City this past weekend as a guest stylist!

The location for the pop up shop was the Starrett-Lehigh Studio in West Chelsea overlooking the Hudson River – the view was simply stunning!

2015-03-07 09.03.13

I wore the Long Tall Sally Short Sleeve Scoop  Neck Top, Black Allegro Skinny Pants and topped it off with the Coral Biker Textured Jacket (review to come soon!)

The lofty space was filled with rows of clothing made just for us vertically gifted ladies. What really jumped out to me was the new items from the Spring Line. Immediately my eye landed on the Floral Border Dress LTS released this Monday. I knew immediately this one wouldn’t last on the rack very long and I was right – the ladies quickly scooped it up and it was gone by noon. Other big hits included the Coral Textured Biker Jacket and the Blue Boyfriend Jacket.

Look what I spy at the @longtallsallyclothing NYC popup shop!! Spring is in the air!!! #longtallsally #lts #tallfashion #tallgirlsrock #clothingthatfits

There was also a section dedicated just for shoes and it was refreshing to see a number of colorful items in the mix this time. I saw size 13 and 14 shoes in abundance and a number of women came to the event just for the shoes.


2015-03-07 10.06.47

The ladies who came through the pop up shop were of all ages, heights and sizes and LTS had clothing to fit every personality and body type. I was able to get a number of ladies there to step out of their comfort zone and wear pieces that they would normally never have tried. I can’t tell you the feeling to see someone try on a piece that they “knew they wouldn’t like” and I see their face just light up when they totally rocked it. As I reminded everyone there, it’s rare that we tall women get to fit clothing made just for us on in person – so go for it! Try those clothing, colors and fabrics you don’t always gravitate to – you might be surprised at the outcome!

2015-03-07 12.12.56

2015-03-07 10.30.38

I heard from so many tall women at the event who were just ecstatic that there were clothes and shoes to fit us.

2015-03-07 13.13.40

Later in the afternoon I was able to meet the gorgeous tall blogger – Tall Glass of Style. This glamazon is gorgeous in person and was so down to earth! I will definitely be meeting up with her the next time I’m in NYC.

2015-03-07 13.35.34

The day was filled with beautiful tall women and great clothing – I really couldn’t have asked for a better day. I want to thank all those ladies who allowed me to style them and thank Long Tall Sally for giving me the fantastic opportunity. You guys were awesome!

I will be at the Washington DC Pop Up Shop this Saturday – March 14th. I hope to see you tall gorgeous DMV women there!

2015-03-07 11.43.37


2015-03-07 11.05.13



The Tall Muse

Tall Fashionista Tuesday – Shonchelle

The Tall Muse welcomes back the Tall Fashionista of the Week which showcases the personal style of tall fashion forward women who are 5’9 and up.

Our Tall Fashionista of the Week is Shonchelle of If The Shoe Fits You Footwear Productions.

Shonchelle currently has her own shoe line – Shonchelle Shereé.

 What is your height?


Tall Fashionista of the Week If The Shoe Fits You

Tell us about yourself? 

I’m a transplant from Houston, Texas. I moved to New York because I followed my heart. Not a guy, God no. But, I came here for shoes. I design shoes for women with extended-size feet. It has always been a challenge of mine to find shoes in my size, 11. I finally became fed up and decided to make my own shoes. After interviewing women for years about what they wanted, I realized women with extended-size feet just want to feel empowered too. We want a shoe closet filled with glamorous shoes.

 If The Shoe Fits You

Describe your fashion style?

My style comes in layers. I would have to say the root of all my style is business casual. Then, I merchandise with vintage clothing. So, my style is business bohemian chic.

Tall Fashionista of the Week If The Shoe Fits You 3

What are your favorite places to shop?

Shirley + Alice Vintage Boutique, Free People, American Apparel

If The Shoe Fits You 2

What fashion or beauty tips can you provide to other tall women?

 As far as fashion is concerned it’s perfectly o.k. to flood your pants as long as you have amazing footwear. A beauty tip for tall women would be to show off your neck. It’s erotic and can easily be enhanced with a collarbone necklace. Also, drink plenty of water. You will look refreshed and flawless.

Tall Fashionista of the Week If The Shoe Fits You 2

What advice would you give to tall girls, teens and women out there?

 It was a challenge growing up tall. I was 5’9 in the ninth grade with size 11 feet. I would advise young girls to compliment yourself and others as much as possible. If you recognize your beauty and love yourself, then you will be able to appreciate and love what makes others different and in turn give a kind of universal love. This love is not judgmental. This love is not demeaning or condescending. It is one. Real self-love, which encourages healthy self-esteem is what demolishes low self-esteem. So, give lot and lots of compliments to yourself and the one around you.

To see more tall fabulousness check out Shonchelle at

Love it!. #StandTall

Want to be featured as The Tall Fashionista of the Week? Email for details.

6’2″ Robyn Lawley debuts as first Plus Sized Sports Illustrated Model

Yesterday, my social media feeds blew up with headlines such as “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition will feature First Plus Sized Model”.

Robyn Lawley Sport Illustrated 2015
Robyn Lawley Sport Illustrated Swim 2015 Rookie

The 25 year old, who is a US Size 12 and stands at a gorgeous 6’2″ height, hails from Sydney, Australia and has been making waves in the fashion industry for the past few years – especially since her Vogue Italia 2011 cover with fellow plus sized models Tara Lynn and Candice Huffine

June Vogue Italia June issue celebrates curvy models, with a trio of plus-sized beauties posing for the cover – Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley


I saw a flurry of posts congratulating the model on her Sports Illustrated debut as one of SI Swimsuit’s Rookie 2015 models. I also noticed many comments criticizing Lawley for not looking like she fit the plus size category. At a US Size 12 she is Plus Sized according to the definition of the term. However, I am sure due to her 6’2″ frame, her weight isn’t quite as noticeable as a model who would be several inches shorter than she.

robyn lawley

 Quite frankly I am just happy the magazines are starting to show curvier, more everyday body types. Let’s hope this trend continues and we can start seeing more forms of beauty in our media.

robyn lawley 2

Robyn has also entered the fashion world herself in 2013 when she launched her swimwear line – Robyn Lawley Swim – in collaboration with Bond-Eye Swimwear via her website. The line features sizes US 8 through US 18. Lawley launched the line after she saw a deficit in fashionable swimwear for women over size 10.

Lawley wrote via her Instagram about the photo below which inspired her to design the swim line:

robyn lawley swim instagram

I think this photo was taken 5 years ago the Herald was posting about Aussie models today, now the reason why I started designing and making swimwear above a size 10 is because those bottoms my friends are ‘undies’ (aka underpants) and that bikini would be a gamble every wave…..hahah so yep that’s what I had to do for years, wear underwear to the damn beach, because apparently no one above a size 10 wanted cool swimsuits

In the meantime, keep rocking that 6’2″ body Robyn Lawley!

PS: Launch a tall women clothing line soon 😉




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